Total War: Warhammer: The Last Chance for Creative Assembly

Warhammer_Fantasy.0.0Strategy games were some of my favorite games when I first started playing. I remember booting up my mom’s crappy PC back when the original Shogun: Total War was fairly new. I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew that this was something fun. Something deep.

Creative Assembly has been behind every Total War offering, and their newest announcement seems pretty interesting to the untrained eye. Total War: Warhammer is going to shake things up. Creative Assembly has typically only used historical backdrops for their games, but now they are going to apply their brand of turn-based strategy mixed with real-time battles to the Warhammer Fantasy Universe.

Anyone familiar with the Warhammer universe knows that magic, overwhelming odds, and hammy acting are the staple products of that magnificent setting. Logically, when you consider their body of work, Creative Assembly seems like the natural choice.

But let’s consider their last few offerings. Empire: Total War was considered one of the worst Total War games by users, thought of as unplayable without mods. I disagree with this personally. I think the hype for the title created high expectations that CA did not meet by delivering a very average game, and customers reacted accordingly. Darthmod did greatly improve my personal experience and the experience of others compared to the base game.

Shogun 2 was the best recent offering by CA and one of their best titles of all time. I would put it third behind Medieval 2 and Rome Total War in the list of Creative Assembly strategy games. 500 hours of playtime can attest to the unique experiences offered by both the base game and modded game. Shogun 2 Darthmod impresses again with, unfortunately, his last modding venture for Total War.

The latest two releases, Rome 2 and Attila , have been disappointments. Rome 2 in particular was not well received by either critics or fans of the game due to brain-dead AI, game-breaking glitches, and confusing interface decisions. Angry Joe offers a more comprehensive breakdown of all of these problems. I can’t comment on Attila because after my poor experience with pre-ordering Rome 2, I was turned off of what I’ve read to be an OK game. These two do not inspire much confidence for future releases, and have created an understandably upset fanbase. Read any Facebook comments on Attila and Rome 2, and you’ll find complaints, jeers and jokes at CA and Sega’s expense.

I’m a fan of strategy titles, Warhammer, and most Total War games. But I’m hesitant about the prospects of Total War: Warhammer. I’d advise anyone interested in buying or pre-ordering to consider the recent body of work from the studio first. This should not be a day one buy, nor a pre-order. This is a wait and see title.


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