Breakfast with Her

His hunger was ravenous. He’d teetered between aware and inebriated throughout the dark hours. The usually intoxicating sounds of pleasure, play and power were performed obnoxiously all night by his roommate and her “guest”. It was another of her young conquests, a fresh-faced college coed who had some bi-curious appetites. He’d been woken up off and on by moans, begging and muffled cries of pleasure. His roommate always had her way.

The scene might have been a treat to watch, and he certainly contemplated it, but the calendar held no room for three hours of peeping. There was only sleep, however inconsistent it was. Besides, his roommate had an air about her that suggested she might not appreciate prying eyes.

His roommate was considerate enough to make breakfast. He could smell something dead, bloody and delicious. He exited his bedroom and eyed the dinner table. A meaty sub was soaked in juices, seeping them onto the white plate underneath. He sat down to have a bite.

“That’s not for you.”

He would’ve jumped out of his skin if it wasn’t attached. “Jesus christ. Don’t do that shit.” He started to stand.

“Go ahead and have a bite. You already rubbed yer filthy hands all over it. I have more anyway.” She passed by with a smirk on her way to the kitchen. Refrigerator doors and plastic bags were worked roughly by delicate hands, the sounds of chopping, slamming and carving loudly occupied their space in the air.

Amid the kitchen clamor, he sunk his teeth into the sandwich.

The meat was soft. The flavor was alien, but not unwelcome. The tongue twisted along the contents, trying to separate meat, cheese and bread to discover the origin of each. Provolone. Honey Wheat. Butchered Beast. He couldn’t tell. He had a head-full of ideas, but none of their descriptions fit here.

In the meantime, his roommate had returned to the table with her own helping of mystery meat. She sat down with a look of mundane expectations.

“This shit’s great.” He said through his chewing crucible. “Is your friend joining us for breakfast?”

“She’s already here.” She shot him a glance and smiled before taking a nice big bite of college girl.

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