I stood in the fields near the development, the ceaseless sound of machines and guttural grunts of the construction crew no longer polluting the air. They’d left nearly an hour ago, their work unfinished for the 93rd day consecutively.

I’m watching the sunset. Unhindered and unaccompanied.

I feel the red rays dancing in my irises, twirling fires in my eyeballs bewitching me. I’m left in awe of the beauty, something so simple seen every single day. My hands rest at my sides, tickled by long blades of grass that were normally daggers in the lightest of wind. Today they felt like warm flesh playfully twiddling along my fingers. I feel my cheeks redden, a pleasant burn resting calmly on my features. The side-wind kissed my lips, but it was fleeting. Spindly lengths of light flowed like hair in the air around the heavenly body, a crimson-haired goddess exposing her temperate gaze to lesser beings who live, shit, and die on desolate blocks of mud and dirt.

I was embraced by this force of nature, this beauty. But all of it carried the weight of abandonment. It promises “I will be here for you” but suggests “I won’t”.

Truth covers lies like wool over the eyes. My world weariness begins to take hold with the darkening of the night sky. The lonely moon shuffles into view from the shadows of space. Fully floating in emptiness, alone even among the presence of stars. All of it seems so close, but perception is not reality and distance is relative.

My nose begins to slowly secrete a gob of snot. My eyes water without the fires, the cold darkness beating them out with a frozen blanket of broken dreams. My spine shivers with the absence of warmth. The blades of glass become true to name, my hands seeking protection from their painful pricks in the pockets of my pants.

I watched the sun set, and now I am cold and alone.

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