Four Eyes

I watched as they threw his glasses back and forth.

He was small for his age, a tiny child.

His harassers were not, each of them a tower

to him. His attitude was mild.

He was always a nice kid, if a bit sensitive.

He let me borrow his pencils all of

the time. He even let me eat his lunch

when I had none of my own.

In spite of his kindness, I was inactive

as the game of keepaway unfolded.

No twinge of guilt came from me

as I watched the glasses go back and forth

until they shattered on the ground.

That shattering noise was followed

by pained cries from a kind soul,

and regrets from a lazy child

who lives in the shell of a man.

I can only hope that Jacob

found a better pair of glasses

and a better friend.


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