America is a contradictory country.

We build up the mighty and break down the poor. We provide for those without need, but ignore the dying and desperate. We admire the idea of love, but are afraid of wholesome commitment. Each of us are individuals, but we’ll let others define who we are. We enjoy being hated, and hate being enjoyed. We despise being taken advantage of, but we’ll fuck strangers till the sun comes up and never see them again.

We adopt dogmas that repress our internalized desires.  We tear apart beautiful minds, but throw ourselves at an action hero’s muscles. We complain about routine, but willingly submit ourselves to it. We admire killing, but condemn murder. We believe in preserving life, but we’re all too ready to throw the switch on a death row inmate in the chair.

We ascribe to an idealized philosophy, but live lifestyles that run counter to its fundamental principles. We adopt moral high grounds to pelt those beneath us with slander. We hide behind invisible walls that we call our  “safe” space, but feel the need to shit up our social media feeds with our biased opinions. We complain about being fat, but do nothing to change it.

But not all contradiction is bad.

We disagree openly, but then fluidly exchange ideas. We challenge the established order while living within the confines of the law. We practice our religions without letting them puppeteer our existence.

We live unashamed and without regret despite a lifetime of mistakes. We triumph where we had once failed. We love in spite of learning hate. We create even when we destroy. We protect even when we are weak.

We can be wonderful even when we’re terrible. We live on even when we die.

It’s a curious thing that America keeps on going. But, anything goes in a country of contradictions. Today could be yesterday, and tomorrow could be nothing at all.




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